صورة زيت الجسم الجاف الياقوت الأحمر وخشب الأرز 100مل
Our ‘Super Hydrator’ for dry, parched skin, Get ready in a flash with this silky, dry body oil blended with Marine Extract, Antioxidants, Ruby micro-crystals and the warming fragrance of Cedarwood will exhilarate your skin and enliven your senses.
صورة شمعة المساج بالعود 200جم
صورة كريم الجسم الغني الألماس والنيرولي 200مل
Deeply nourishing and fragrant, this rich body cream is packed with plant butters, oils and botanical extracts to soothe, protect and soften, Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, it’s a skin saver for legs, arms and dry patches, Fragrantly enhanced with natural Neroli and Honeysuckle extracts, this diamond-enriched crème will boost collagen and improve skin’s elasticity.
صورة كريم القدمين الياقوت الأزرق والعود 75مل
A heavenly-scented and deeply nourishing foot cream with plant actives that soothe dry skin and relieve tired feet, Plant oils and butters transform dry, parched skin and bring instant relief to ankles, heels and toes.
صورة كريم اليدين وجلد الأظافر الكوارتز الوردي والورد 75مل
Uplift your day with this luxurious cream enriched with botanical extracts, Rose Quartz and Arctic Rose to soothe and comfort dry, stressed hands. Reach for it whenever you need a moment to yourself, the uplifting fragrance, sensual texture and hand massage ritual will help you to re-centre and come back to your senses.
صورة لوشن الجسم المنشّط السيترين والبرغموت 200مل
This light-weight, energising lotion will absorb in a flash and leave your skin hydrated and refreshed, Take your sunshine in a tube with you anywhere and use anytime to give thirsty skin a refreshing drink of Citrine-sparkling hydration.
صورة مقشّر الجسم الياقوت الأحمر وخشب الأرز 200مل
Invigorate your shower experience with revitalising botanical extracts, enzymes and cherry grains that stimulate, exfoliate and enliven the senses, Power your daily shower with RED; cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate skin’s appearance, revitalize your senses and be ready to go in a flash.
صورة مقشّر اليدين اليشم والفيتيفر 75مل
A super-efficient plant-active exfoliant that polishes away hard, dry skin on cuticles, palms and backs of hands and rinses away clean, Regenerates the appearance of skin, evens tone and texture and protects from environmental damage, Use daily or whenever you need to restore order to dry, hard-working hands.
صورة مجموعة السفر من برسمولوجي 5*40مل
Indulge hands and feet with this handbag sized Prismologie travel selection. Packed in a stylish bag lined with vibrant Prismologie colours.
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